Surface Analysis & Cleaning Bath Monitoring


Process monitoring of electronic assemblies: How to use the ROSE-Test

Measuring the ionic equivalent on an assembly’s surface, the ROSE-Test is a suitable monitoring method for the electronics production. But how to set up and use the test correctly? The tutorial explains step-by-step which factors have to be considered regarding the test set up, the equipment and the measuring fluid in order to achieve reproducible results.

Risk assessment: How to analyze electronic assemblies

Which methods for analyzing the susceptibility as well as reliability of an electronic assembly do exist? And what has to be considered using these methods? Explaining ion chromatography and the surface resistance measurement, the tutorials not only shows measurement methods but also how to interpret and use their results for the production.

Protective Coating: How to get a reliable process

Due to harsh environmental conditions more and more pcb assemblies are coated for protection. But how to ensure the reliability of the coating and its application process? In this tutorial several critical items are explained you should consider when choosing a protective coating and how to ensure its reliability.


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ZESTRON EYE - 自動リアルタイム濃度測定

ZESTRON® EYEは、フラックス混入に関係なく、基板洗浄における洗浄槽濃度を正確でリアルタイムの測定と制御を可能にするリアルタイム濃度監視システムです。

ZESTRON Flux Test - フラックステスト使用方法

ZESTRON® フラックステストは呈色反応によってフラックス活性剤中のカルボキシル基を示します。本テストは目視できない残渣を容易に検知することができ、イオンコンタミ測定の重要な補完試験です。


Resin Test - レジンテスト使用方法



ZESTRON Easy Bath Control キット

ZESTRON Easy Bath Controlキットは、洗浄工程運用中でも、他の時でも洗浄剤濃度を監視することができる簡単な手法です。

濃度測定キット ZESTRON Bath Analyzer

こちらのビデオでは、ZESTRON Bath Analyzerを使用した濃度測定が素早く簡単であるのをご覧いただけます。

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