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Articles and Technical Papers

This section covers technical articles and various customer related case studies.

Removing chemically active solder residues from micro-gaps challenges cleaning processes and media. The objective of this study was to better...

Stefan Strixner, Principal Engineer, Zestron Europe

When cleaning electronic PCBs, demand is increasing for the collection of process data and the...

Cracks, but also penetration weak points in molds and pottings of low voltage electronics and power electronic devices result in a drastic shortening...

The risk of particle contamination in the electronics industry and corresponding countermeasures The term technical cleanliness is most strongly...

Dr. Helmut Schweigart, Head of Technology Development, ZESTRON Europe and Sandra Pilz, Senior Product Manager, Zestron Europe

Today, power modules are widely used in high power applications such as hybrid electric vehicles, solar inverters, medical equipment, and UPS...

thanks to fully automatic cleaning process control of multiple machines at JUMO GmbH & Co. KG

Why does the Automotive Electronics manufacturer, KSR Electronic Systems in Swansea, UK, monitor and control the concentration of their Power Module...

Dr. Helmut Schweigart, ZESTRON Europe

Ingolstadt, Germany, h.schweigart@zestron.com

Electrochemical migration is an important topic for the reliability and durability of electronic assemblies, and is frequently discussed as the cause...

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