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Mobile automated concentration measurement - fast, cost-effective solution targeting multiple cleaning machine measurement. Suitable for pcb and SMT stencil processes.

The device guides the user quickly and easily to a precise concentration measurement result. Configurable measuring profiles enable process monitoring even for several machines with different settings and cleaning agents.

Of course, the ZESTRON® EYE Mobile also offers complete documentation and storage of the measurement results for process control and traceability, which can be transferred to a PC via USB interface.

ZESTRON® EYE - real-time concentration measurement system for pcb cleaning processes

ZESTRON® EYE is digital concentration monitoring system that enables the precise and real-time measurement and control of cleaning bath concentration for electronics cleaning processes irrespective of flux loading.

It is easily integrated within commonly used pcb cleaning machine types and manufacturers. Continuous data storage is ensuring the traceability of monitored process parameters.

The device is industry 4.0 ready and you can easliy connect the ZESTRON® EYE to the machine PLC, a PC, Laptop or LAN.

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