Surface Analysis & Cleaning Bath Monitoring

Learn how to analyse the cleanliness of your electronic assemblies and components and how to monitor the concentration of your cleaning bath.

Electrochemical Migration – What ECM is and how it develops

Electrochemical Migration is the most frequently discussed cause for climatic related field failures. But what does ECM mean and how does it work? This tutorial video explains the mechanism of ECM and its trigger and presents options to prevent ECM.

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Technical Cleanliness: How to assess the risk of particles

Process monitoring of electronic assemblies: How to use the ROSE-Test

Protective Coating: How to get a reliable process

Risk assessment: How to analyze electronic assemblies

Detection of protective coating layer defects on electronic assemblies

ZESTRON EYE - automatic online concentration measurement

ZESTRON Flux Test - Indication of flux activators on PCB assemblies

Technical Cleanliness - Extraction of particles and analysis

ZESTRON Bath Analyzer kit - easy and fast concentration measurement

Resin Test - identification of resin based residues

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