ZESTRON Americas - Manassas, VA
ZESTRON Europe - Ingolstadt, Germany
ZESTRON South Asia - Penang, Malaysia
ZESTRON East China - Shanghai, China
ZESTRON South China - Shenzhen, China
ZESTRON Korea - Anyang, South Korea
ZESTRON Japan - Kanagawa, Japan

ZESTRON Company History

ZESTRON's history dates back to 1975 with the founding of Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH in Ingolstadt, Germany, a company committed to developing innovative cleaning alternatives for hard metal surfaces. Following this business's success, ZESTRON was incorporated in 1990 and is dedicated to developing and providing innovative precision cleaning solutions for the electronics industry. 

2017- ZESTRON celebrates 25 years of globally leading innovation

2016 - ISO-Certificate for ZESTRON South Asia

2015 - ZESTRON opens its seventh facility in Anyang, South Korea

2015 - HYDRON® Technology a single-phase, water-based cleaning technology is introduced worldwide

2014 - HYDRON® WS 400 is introduced 

2014 - Launch of the ZESTRON Academy: Training, Webinars & Customized Workshops for Cleanliness and Reliability in Electronics Manufacturing

2014 - ZESTRON South Asia opens new 46,500 sq. ft. building equipped with office space, state of the art technical center, R & D labs, and production facility

2013 - ZESTRON® EYE - 1st automated concentration measurement system

2012 - ZESTRON opens its sixth facility and Technical Center worldwide in Kanagawa, Japan

2011 - Second generation of pH neutral cleaning agents introduced

2011 - ZESTRON opens its fifth facility and Technical Center in Shenzhen, China

2010 - First of its kind pH neutral PCB defluxing cleaning agent introduced worldwide

2009 - ZESTRON® Bath Analyzers are introduced - new era in monitoring bath concentration

2009 - ZESTRON opens its fourth facility and Technical Center in Kulim, Malaysia

2008 - ZESTRON Europe opens new 30,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility and Technical Center in Ingolstadt, Germany

2007 - FAST® (Fast Acting Surfactant Technology) is introduced worldwide

2007 - ZESTRON Americas opens new 36,000 sq. ft. production facility and a 15,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Technical Center in Manassas, VA

2006 - ZESTRON opens its third facility and Technical Center in Shanghai, China

2002 - ZESTRON® Flux and Resin Tests are introduced

1997 - MPC®  (Micro Phase Cleaning) Technology is introduced worldwide

1997 - ZESTRON opens new facility and Technical Center in North America

1995 - ZESTRON launches first single product to effectively remove adhesives, solder pastes and flux residues

1994 - ZESTRON opens its first Technical Center for cleaning tests in Ingolstadt, Germany

1994 - VIGON®, the first water-based alternative to CFC is introduced

1992 - ZESTRON is established

1989 - Dr. OK. Wack Chemie GmbH reveals the first line of cleaning products as a direct replacement for soon to be banned CFC’s

1975 - Dr. OK. Wack Chemie GmbH, ZESTRON’s parent company, is founded in Ingolstadt, Germany