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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is part of the ZESTRON culture.  As described in our mission statement, “we strive to conduct our business in an environmentally, fiscally and socially responsible manner leading to long-term growth of the company while providing a safe, balanced and secure work environment for our employees."  In support of this mission, ZESTRON makes continuous contributions both financially and through the countless hours of volunteering for the worthy causes of cystic fibrosis and glioblastoma. 

ZESTRON Americas – Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

ZESTRON Americas is dedicated to funding the fight against cystic fibrosis (CF).  CF is a progressive, genetic disease that primarily affects the digestive system, lungs and limits the ability to breathe.  The research for this life-threatening, debilitating disease remains largely underfunded and in need of support.

In 2011, ZESTRON Americas launched its largest charitable contribution in our company's history, a 5 year donation to the CF Foundation.  In 2016, ZESTRON renewed its pledge with another 5 year donation, specifically dedicated to the CF foundation’s new research laboratory in Massachusetts.  

For more information on this disease and how to support research on CF, please visit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

ZESTRON Europe – The Anni-Hofmann Foundation

The Anni-Hofmann Foundation is dedicated to the medical research for glioblastomas.  These are highly malignant, regenerative tumors that rapidly reproduce in the brain and spinal cord.  

This terminal disease is recognized within the medical research community, that is dedicated to finding breakthroughs in research and treatment.  The Anni-Hofmann Foundation continues to make yearly contributions to strengthen research and ultimately find a cure for this terminal disease.

For more information on glioblastoma, please visit The Anni-Hofmann Foundation.