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Message from the President

Welcome to ZESTRON!


January, 19th 2021

As a company and as a professional family, Covid-19 has affected us significantly. We’ve had to recognize that “business as usual” will not be possible for quite some time. In 2020 we adjusted to find a balance between supporting our company and being supportive to all our families. I am proud to say that we’ve successfully made it through the year, and can hopefully leave Covid-19 behind us in 2021.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and team members for their help, ideas, and effort in finding ways to best cope with the impact that Covid-19 had on everyone.

On a brighter note, even with Covid-19, innovation continues to thrive. We are seeing exciting new technology trends in the automotive, telecommunication, and defense sectors which have helped to fuel our global growth as a company. Cleaning continues to play a very relevant role as it improves surfaces, thus reducing production and product reliability concerns. The need for cleaning continues to flourish across all industries.

While working on surpassing today’s cleaning challenges, we’ve been incredibly successful in proactively meeting the emerging environmental focal points of our global customers. Our pH-neutral products continue to excel in this area, and our focus on environmental responsibility is paying enormous dividends.

As of today, ZESTRON is the only company to offer real pH-neutral cleaning products for the effective removal of flux. Moreover, these pH-neutral products have the lowest VOC levels in the Industry - Period! As countries like the United States and China introduce new and increasingly stringent VOC laws and regulations, our low VOC cleaning technology is more important than ever.

We were and still are committed to being the most professional and proactive company in our niche. Our unwavering focus on R&D continues, and as mentioned above, the results are tangible. We are currently working on some of the most challenging cleaning process problems to date, and I am confident that we will triumph over them in the coming months. I am proud to state, that we continue to lead the industry in terms of product and service innovation and can distance ourselves even further from our market participants to maintain the global market lead.

Looking forward to this year and beyond, we remain devoted to being the industry’s preeminent source regarding all aspects of understanding and explaining electronic product reliability and their root cause analysis. This is an area of expertise that an increasing number of customers are requesting from us. Thankfully, after experiencing decades of process issues, that were oftentimes wrongfully pinpointed towards the cleaning process, we have been able to accumulate extensive knowledge that we are willing to share. For this very reason, we have achieved the major milestone of being qualified as technical consultants by numerous leading automotive OEMs worldwide.

I am very excited to expand our technical consulting efforts as part of our ZESTRON Academy in many other parts of the world in the coming years. Our dream remains to become the preeminent source for electronics manufacturing knowledge and advice. I am convinced that this is a dream we will achieve.

Looking ahead, our 50+ highly qualified, industry-leading researchers around the world are already working on the future cleaning challenges our customers will face in 2021 and beyond. To increase the efficiency of the researcher’s daily efforts, we have equipped each of our 8 Application Technology Centers with cleaning and manufacturing process equipment to present them with real production floor environments. We combine this with mastered degreed engineering teams throughout the world. Working hand-in-hand with our R&D staff, they have become the primary interface with our customers.

In closing, in 2021 we are shifting into high gear to address our internal demand for more space in which to grow. We are heavily investing in new and existing facilities around the world, to offer the most compelling work environment for current and future staff and building on our success to offer technical excellence. When all is said and done, having a happy team most often leads to happy customers.



Yours sincerely,

Harald Wack, Ph.D


Dr. Harald Wack - President