Do Coatings Need to Be Cleaned?

Cleaning prior to conformal coating and casting ensures optimal adhesion. In fact, a number of materials that are created during the soldering steps significantly impair the cross linkage and can be safely removed by adequate cleaning processes.

Specific analyses for so-called cross linking “toxins” are therefore highly recommended in addition to standardized cleanliness testing procedures, such as ionic contamination measurements. A fully integrated and optimized cleaning process increases long-term product reliability and oftentimes contributes to process related cost savings when com¬pared to a full No Clean production method. 

There has been a clear and consistent increase in the demand for No Clean products over the last few years. This trend coincides - and is likely correlated - to the growth of observed in-field service failures, particularly with coated assemblies, despite 10 years of experience with No Clean technology. The increased use of integrated power switches, as well as control and security components in electronic assemblies has dramatically multiplied the requirements for electrical stability and life span durability.

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Do Coatings Need to be Cleaned?