Flip Chip Packages

Component types such as FCBGA, FCmBGA, and micro-FCBGA, the electrical contacts (bumps) are soldered onto the component base utilize a combination of Flip Chip and BGA structures whereas using a reflow process.  For the die attach process during Flip Chip manufacturing, flux pastes (tacky fluxes) are required and applied via a dispenser, spraying or a chip dip process.  The removal of all flux residues from the tight spaces between the Flip Chip and the base material is required in order to achieve a complete and void free wetting of all materials for the underfill process.

The main requirements for the cleaning process are: 

  • Excellent wetting characteristics for the  cleaning agent to properly penetrate the capillary spaces and remove the flux residues
  • Excellent rinsability of the cleaning agent to ensure the complete removal of residues under components
  • Residue-free drying to ensure a completely cleaned package

ZESTRON's aqueous and solvent-based cleaning media developed for Flip Chip processing guarantees proper underfill wetting and thereby prevent underfill voids.

Flip Chip Packages

Aqueous and Solvent Based Packaging Cleaning Agents

Cleaning agent options for flip chip cleaning applications are detailed below. All ZESTRON cleaning agents are in compliance with the latest RoHS, REACH, and WEEE regulations worldwide in addition to current worker safety standards and applicable environmental requirements.

pH neutral defluxing agent for semiconductor electronics

Water-based, alkaline defluxing for semiconductor electronics

Water-based, pH neutral defluxing agent for power modules, LEDs, leadframes, and discrete devices

Alkaline defluxing agent for PCBs and Power Electronics

Alkaline defluxing agent for PCBs and Power Electronics

Solvent-based medium for PCB flux removal


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Cleaner regeneration
FAST® Technology
HYDRON® Technology
Low standoff
Maintenance cleaning
Manual cleaning
Metal cleaning
MPC® Technology
PH neutral
Power Electronics
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