Leadframe-based discrete components, such as MOSFETs, QFNs, SOTs, etc. are soldered onto the base substrate using a die attach process.  The typical or standard wire bond connection is partially replaced with clip bonding technology wherein the connection between the die and lead consists of a copper bridge that will also be soldered with a paste.  

ZESTRON’s aqueous and solvent based cleaning media, that have been specifically developed for cleaning leadframe-based discrete components, provide excellent cleaning results leading to higher bond quality, and therefore improved pull and shear test results as well as optimal molding adhesion. Cleaning agents attack the passivation leading to impairment of chip function.

Cleaning Leadframes

Aqueous and Solvent Based Leadframe Cleaning Agents

Cleaning agent options for leadframe cleaning applications are detailed below. All ZESTRON cleaning agents are in compliance with the latest RoHS, REACH, and WEEE regulations worldwide in addition to current worker safety standards and applicable environmental requirements.

pH neutral defluxing agent for semiconductor electronics

Water-based, alkaline defluxing for semiconductor electronics

Water-based, pH neutral defluxing agent for power modules, LEDs, leadframes, and discrete devices

Alkaline defluxing agent for PCBs and Power Electronics

Alkaline defluxing agent for PCBs and Power Electronics

Solvent-based medium for PCB flux removal


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