Solder Pallet and Condensation Trap Cleaning

Condensation traps get contaminated during the soldering process with flux.  If not cleaned thoroughly, thermal efficiency is reduced preventing further deposits.

When cleaning solder pallets, severely burnt-in flux residues must be removed, otherwise the proper PCB placement and optimal processing through the wave soldering machine cannot be ensured. This typically leads to uneven soldering results on the assembly.

The removal of flux residues from condensation traps and solder pallets is typically done in cleaning equipment. For this application, ZESTRON offers various aqueous-based maintenance cleaners that remove severely burnt-in flux residues generated by low solid content, resin/rosin, synthetic, and water soluble flux residues.

Our engineered cleaning agents as well as the respective cleaning equipment provided by leading international manufacturers can be tested at a ZESTRON Technical Center under production floor conditions.

Solder Pallet

Aqueous and Solvent Based Solder Frame Cleaning Agents

Cleaning agent options for solder frame cleaning applications are detailed below. All ZESTRON cleaning agents are in compliance with the latest RoHS, REACH, and WEEE regulations worldwide in addition to current worker safety standards and applicable environmental requirements. 

Water-based cleaning medium for baked-on flux removal

Water-based cleaning agent for reflow ovens and wave solder systems


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