Manual Stencil Cleaning

When cleaning a low volume of stencils, SMT adhesives and solder paste can be removed manually.  Automated stencil cleaning is desirable with a large volume of stencils and has the added benefit of offering high quality repeatable results.

When cleaning manually, it is important to use a stencil wipe material that does not leave any lint or other residues on the stencil. At the same time, manual cleaning must be done carefully as too much force can easily damage the stencil.

ZESTRON offers water-based MPC® cleaners as well as solvent-based cleaners in small containers for manually cleaning stencils.

Manual Stencil Cleaning

Water and Solvent Based Manual Stencil Cleaning Agents

Cleaning agent options for manual stencil cleaning applications are detailed below. All ZESTRON cleaning agents are in compliance with the latest RoHS, REACH, and WEEE regulations worldwide in addition to current worker safety standards and applicable environmental requirements.

Water-based stencil cleaner for the removal of solder pastes and SMT adhesives

Water-based stencil cleaner for removal of solder pastes and SMT adhesives

Polyester Nonwoven Cleanroom Wiper designed for manual removal of solder pastes and adhesives

Cleaning medium for the removal of solder pastes, SMT adhesives and thick film pastes from stencils and screens


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