Underside Wipe Cleaning

In addition to automated stencil cleaning applications, the stencil underside wipe process in SMT printers is critical in order to achieve reliable and consistent print results.

Using the right cleaning agent is most critical step in the underside wipe process. It must provide excellent cleaning results, and be highly compatible with the solder paste.  During the underside wipe process, the flow of cleaning agent through the apertures and its interaction with the solder paste cannot be prevented.  An incompatible cleaner, such as IPA (Isopropyl alcohol), can affect the viscosity of the solder paste and therefore impact the print result, i.e. the solder paste deposit.  Additionally, the consumption of IPA is typically high due to evaporative losses (low flash point).

ZESTRON cleaning agents have been specifically designed for underside wipe processes.  They provide excellent cleaning results, feature low consumption and do not affect the viscosity of the solder paste.  ZESTRON offers aqueous-based as well as solvent based underside wipe cleaning agents for all stencil types including nano-coated stencils. These products have been approved by leading SMT printer and stencil manufacturers.

Cleaning Underside Wipe
Underside Wipe

Water and Solvent Based Underside Wipe Cleaning Agents

Cleaning agent options for underside wipe cleaning applications are detailed below. All ZESTRON cleaning agents are in compliance with the latest RoHS, REACH, and WEEE regulations worldwide in addition to current worker safety standards and applicable environmental requirements.

Water-based stencil cleaner for the removal of solder pastes and SMT adhesives

Water-based cleaning agent for SMT stencil printer underside wipe systems

Polyester Nonwoven Cleanroom Wiper designed for manual removal of solder pastes and adhesives

Solvent-based cleaning medium for SMT stencil printer wipe systems


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