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Bath Analyzers

Simple, easy-to-use manual method that provide reliable and accurate concentration measurement for both fresh and contaminated cleaning baths

Various factors such as “drag-out,” dilution, flux loading, and evaporation can influence the actual concentration. Therefore, routine measurement of all process related parameters are highly recommended. The ZESTRON® Bath Analyzer 10, ZESTRON® Bath Analyzer 20 and ZESTRON® Bath Analyzer 30 are designed for use with ZESTRON's cleaning agents.  

In order to achieve consistent cleaning results, the user has to ensure that the actual concentration of the cleaning agent stays within the recommended application range. Various factors such as “drag-out”, dilution and evaporation can potentially influence the actual concentration. Regular measurements of all process related parameters are therefore highly recommended. The ZESTRON® Bath Analyzers are a simple, easy-to-use method which provides reliable and accurate results for fresh and contaminated cleaning baths.

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