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VIGON® N 680 - Latest pH Neutral Defluxing Solution for SMT and THT Low Standoffs
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Water-based cleaning medium for defluxing

HYDRON® WS 400 is a FAST® Technology based water cleaning agent specifically designed to remove water soluble (WS) flux residues from electronic assemblies and is compatible with sensitive metals. Applied at low concentrations (3% to 5%), the cleaning agent has been specifically developed to penetrate the capillary spaces underneath low standoff components where DI-water only applications can no longer provide reliable cleanliness levels. Also, it effectively removes RMA and No Clean flux residues at increased concentrations up to 15%.

Advantages compared to other surfactant cleaners:

  • Fast removal of a wide variety of the latest water soluble (WS) flux residues
  • Designed for use with WS pastes/fluxes at lower concentrations 3% to 5%
  • Non-foaming formula that does not promote “white scaling”
  • Gentle formulation leaves solder joints and pads shiny and bright
  • Specifically formulated for excellent compatibility with aluminum and epoxy surfaces
  • Ethanolamine-free
  • Low odor

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Area of Specific Application

  • Water soluble flux residues



  • Flux residues

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