ZESTRON Launches New Cleaning Agent for Removal of Conformal Coating

Manassas, VA – August 6, 2019 ZESTRON, the global leading provider of high precision cleaning products, services, and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries, is pleased to announce that it has released ATRON® DC, a decoating cleaning agent. 

ATRON® DC is a maintenance cleaning agent designed to remove conformal coating from pallets, fixtures and tools. It quickly and reliably removes different coating materials including acrylics, urethanes, and epoxies. The water-based, pH neutral formulation of ATRON® DC has been developed to improve worker safety versus traditional solvents, ATRON® DC suitable for use in most maintenance cleaning equipment, including dip tank and ultrasonic machines.

For more information on ATRON® DC please click here.