FAST® Technology

Fast Acting Surfactant Technology

FAST®, Fast Acting Surfactant Technology, is an innovative surfactant-based cleaning technology developed by ZESTRON. FAST® Technology based cleaning agents are a proprietary mix of newly developed surfactants allowing for quicker removal of a wide variety of the latest lead-free and leaded flux residues.

When compared to traditional surfactant-based cleaning agents, this new technology requires much shorter contact times and fewer active ingredients for the complete removal of contaminants from substrate surfaces. This ensures a longer bath life resulting in reduced process and maintenance costs.

FAST® Technology's solid-free formulation leaves the substrate's surface and the inside of the cleaning equipment free of residues.

FAST® Technology Advantages:

  • Removes various organic and inorganic residues such as fluxes, solder pastes and oil residues
  • Longer bath life than conventional surfactant cleaners
  • Less consumption and lower costs
  • Water based and thus has no flash point
  • Low VOC and environmentally friendly

FAST® Video