HYDRON® Technology

HYDRON® is an innovative cleaning technology developed by ZESTRON. HYDRON® cleaning agents are single-phase, water-based, covering a wide range of cleaning applications, such as defluxing of PCBAs, power electronics, advanced packages, and wafers. HYDRON® Technology enables the complete removal of all contaminants from various electronic and semiconductor substrate surfaces.

Key Advantages of HYDRON® products

Single-phase formulation

HYDRON® cleaning agents are single-phase formulations with the following characteristics:

  • Stable single-phase micro emulsion; no agitation required to mix or activate the cleaning agent
  • Bonds to contaminants temporarily, resulting in easy filtration ensuring extended bath life time and low operating cost 
  • Excellent cleaning performance for PCBAs, power electronics, advanced packages, and wafers

Easy processability

HYDRON® formulation advantages for process handling:

  • Excellent cleaning and rinsing in cleaning machines with limited mixing
  • Single-phase formulation results in consistent concentration between wash bath tank and cleaning chamber

Excellent rinseability

Single-phase HYDRON® formulations provide excellent rinseability ensuring the complete removal of residues, thereby providing optimal surface characteristics for subsequent processes. For example:

  • Using HYDRON® products in dip tank processes for defluxing of PCBAs or power electronics will ensure residue-free substrates

Process Control

HYDRON® cleaning agents can be monitored by ZESTRON process control products:

Workinprinciple of HYDRON® cleaning agents

Conventional Surfactants

  • Surfactants remove the contaminants from the substrate surface and permanently bond to the contaminants
  • Therefore, regeneration by filtration is not possible and the cleaner is quickly depleted requiring frequent bath changes
  • Surfactants remain on the substrate surface leading to issues with subsequent processes such as wire bonding or coating

HYDRON® Technology

  • Active HYDRON® ingredients remove the contaminants from the substrate surface, but they do not permanently bond to the contaminants
  • Once removed from the surface, they release the contamination so the cleaning agent can be regenerated by filtration ensuring an extended bath life time
  • HYDRON® ingredients leave substrates residue-free

Regulations & Compliance

All HYDRON® cleaning agents are 100% RoHS & WEEE compliant. HYDRON® cleaning agent formulations are free of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) and polybrombinated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants.