MPC® Technology

Micro Phase Cleaning Technology

MPC®, Micro Phase Cleaning, is an innovative water-based cleaning technology developed by ZESTRON that combines the advantages of both solvent and surfactant technologies.

ZESTRON’s eco friendly VIGON® cleaning agents are based on MPC® Technology and have been specifically formulated for SMT and power electronics as well as MRO and metal cleaning applications.

MPC® Technology Advantages - Electronics Cleaning: 

  • Removes various organic and inorganic residues such as fluxes, solder pastes and SMT adhesives
  • Unique formulation allows the cleaning agent to be easily filtered thereby extending bath life and lowering process costs
  • Superior material compatibility
  • Water-based and thus has no flash point
  • Low VOC and environmentally friendly

MPC® Technology Advantages - Metal Cleaning: 

  • Very high surface tension > 50 mN/m
  • The combination of polar and non-polar compounds allow cleaning of various organic and inorganic residues
  • Surfactant-free and solid-free formulation leaves no residues on the substrate
  • Can also be used as rinsing agent reducing waste
  • Wide process window
  • Surfactant-free
  • Removes organic based residues
  • Non-flammable
  • Low VOC content
  • Removes inorganic based residues

MPC® Video