VIGON® 3000-MC

Water-based, pH neutral cleaning agent for precision and industrial parts cleaning

VIGON® 3000-MC is an MPC® Technology based, innovative cleaning product with a revolutionary pH neutral formulation. The cleaning agent was developed for use in spray-in-air inline and batch cleaning applications. It has excellent cleaning performance and is able to remove a wide range of contamination from metal parts. 

Advantages compared to other cleaners:

  • Excellent material compatibility with sensitive materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, and other alloys 
  • Process traceability achieved through concentration monitoring 
  • Proven performance even at concentrations as low as 7.5%  
  • pH neutral formulation eliminates need for waste water neutralization
  • Overall simplified cleaning process with one chemistry vs. traditional methods requiring three separate media: chemistry/defoamers, corrosion and rust inhibitors
  • No halogenated compounds

VIGON® 3000-MC

Area of Specific Application 



  • Cutting oils
  • Lubricants
  • Grease
  • Grinding and polishing pastes
  • Particles

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