Water-based cleaning agent for reflow ovens and wave solder systems

VIGON® RC 303 is a water-based cleaning agent specifically developed to remove all types of baked-on flux residues from reflow ovens and wave solder systems. Also, it removes re-condensed fluxes and emissions from condensation traps and heat exchangers.

As the successor to VIGON® RC 101, VIGON® RC 303 delivers improved cleaning performance along with increased operator safety.

Advantages of VIGON® RC 303 compared to other cleaners:

  • Improved cleaning performance
  • Direct application to warm surfaces (40-50°C / 104-122°F) possible as a result of no flash point
  • Decreased soaking time improves overall cleaning process and minimizes equipment downtime
  • Excellent material compatibility with aluminum and epoxy surfaces
  • Improved formulation with reduced VOC emissions
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low odor

Advantages of cleaning with VIGON® RC 303 in wave solder systems:

  • Reduced cleaning agent consumption compared to IPA
  • Operator safety improved as a result of no flashpoint and lower VOC emissions


Area of Specific Application



  • Flux residues (NC, WS, R, RA and RM)
  • Fumigation contamination

Pressure Sprayer