Concentration Management

Accurate and Automated Concentration Monitoring and Control

Maintaining your wash bath target concentration is essential for ensuring that the highest cleanliness levels are achieved for critical electronics used within high reliability applications.  In applications for military, aerospace, automotive and medical industries, failure is not an option.  

Historically engineers have relied on a combination of technology from 1869 and manual procedures to keep wash bath concentrations under control.  However, refractive index technology cannot account for flux residues or bath contamination.  Therefore, you could be missing your benchmark concentration by 5, 10, 15% or more.  Over-concentrated and you risk damaging components and assemblies ultimately driving cleaning costs out of control.  Under-concentrated wash baths could make your cleaning process ineffective. The importance of accurate and consistent concentration management should not be underestimated.

Are you experiencing the following issues with your cleaning process?

  • Bath foaming
  • Increasing chemistry consumption
  • Constantly adjusting dosing pump
  • Inconsistent concentration readings

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Wash bath concentration management solutions have evolved since 1869.  At ZESTRON, advancements in monitoring and control offer a range of products that ensure accuracy in measurement readings.  ZESTRON® Bath Analyzers use phase separation technology to accurately read concentrations in fresh and loaded wash baths for minimal investment.  For high reliability cleaning applications that require process traceability consistent with quality assurance programs, the ZESTRON® EYE, a digital monitoring system is the solution.

With the ZESTRON® EYE, process control engineers can quickly respond to changes in wash bath concentrations in real-time.  Ensure your cleaning process is on the mark and if needed, identify where an issue may have occurred with continuous data storage of monitored parameters.  

Eliminate the need for manual measurements and adjustments removing the human factor.  The latest technology available to the market is concentration management systems. The ZESTRON® EYE CM not only monitors but automatically controls wash bath concentration in real-time maintaining the desired wash bath concentration level within 1% of the set point—constantly and consistently.  

Know and control your wash bath. Learn more today.

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