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Automatic Concentration Management System

Incorporating the ZESTRON® EYE's 3P-Technology, the ZESTRON® EYE CM monitors and controls wash bath concentration in real time. This stand alone concentration management system easily integrates with batch and inline cleaning systems. It is independent of the machine type and manufacturer. 

An integrated PLC receives and interprets the data and actuates the ZESTRON® EYE CM pumps to accurately dose DI-water and cleaning agent concentrate into the wash bath as required; thereby, maintaining the desired concentration level.

Wash bath solution is continually pumped through the ZESTRON® EYE CM for real time concentration management. Utilizing the ZESTRON® EYE technology, concentration data is monitored and recorded for traceability.

Product advantages 

  • Ensures consistent cleaning performance through the automated dosing system and precise concentration monitoring of the wash bath. 
  • Enables accurate wash bath concentration measurement in the presence of flux residue through the use of ZESTRON® EYE technology.
  • Affords traceability of the cleaning results through automatic data reading and recording.
  • Provides time and cost savings as the fully automatic system eliminates the need for manual wash bath concentration measurements and adjustments.

Specific application area

  • Automated real time concentration measurement and monitoring
  • Automated dosing of cleaning agent and DI-water


  • Batch cleaning machines
  • Inline cleaning machines


  • 3P-Technology

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