Single-Phase Formulation
VIGON® N 680 - Latest pH Neutral Defluxing Solution for SMT and THT Low Standoffs
Hydron® SE 230A - Semiconductor Defluxing
First to Market with Innovative pH Neutral Cleaning Solutions


Solvent-based cleaning medium for defluxing

ZESTRON® VD is solvent-based cleaning agent designed to remove flux residues from electronic assemblies, ceramic hybrids, power modules and leadframes in closed-loop, one chamber, vapor degreasing type systems.

Advantages compared to other surfactant cleaners:

  • Due to its polar and nonpolar components, it is suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Completely distillable and therefore suitable for one chamber vapor degreaser processes with vacuum distillation and vapor rinsing
  • Halogen and surfactant-free
  • Dries residue-free
  • Ideal for use in water-free applications, especially when water rinsing is restricted
  • Ideal for cleaning capillary spaces, such as underneath BGA’s and flipchips
  • Applicable for stencil cleaning and underside wipe processes in SMT printers

Alternative Products

Area of Specific Application



  • Flux residues
  • SMT or conductive adhesives
  • Thick film pastes