ensure reliability & performanceIonic Contamination

A process used in the electronics manufacturing industry to detect and measure the level of ionic residues on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electronic components.

Elevate your electronics manufacturing quality assurance with ZESTRON's Ionic Contamination Testing services. Our comprehensive testing solutions ensure the reliability and performance of your electronic assemblies by detecting and mitigating potential sources of ionic contamination. With advanced analytical techniques and industry-leading expertise, ZESTRON provides accurate and reliable results to help you meet stringent quality standards and regulatory requirements. Whether you need routine testing or troubleshooting support, our experienced team is committed to delivering timely and precise solutions tailored to your specific needs. By partnering with ZESTRON for Ionic Contamination Testing, you can enhance product reliability, minimize failure risks, and optimize manufacturing processes. Discover the difference ZESTRON can make for your electronics manufacturing operations today.

Ionic Contamination

Ionic contamination is a process control tool to assess if a PCB conforms to the user’s cleanliness specification. The purpose of ionic contamination testing is to ensure that the PCB or component is free from harmful levels of ionic residues that could potentially cause reliability issues or failures in the final product. This testing is particularly important for industries such as aerospace, defense, and medical devices, where high levels of reliability and quality are critical.


all testingConducted in accordance with  the latest IPC-TM-650 method

   The Benefits

Ionic Contamination Services

  • Improved reliability and performance of electronic devices
  • Extractive, quantitative determination of
    total ionic contamination
  • Comparison of cleanliness level and/or
    production monitoring.

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