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A quantitative test method used to characterize the PCB manufacturing process residues and their impact on reliability. Ideal for process qualification, process verifications, development of a new process, or improving a current process.

Maximize the reliability and performance of your electronics manufacturing processes with ZESTRON's Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) testing services. Our comprehensive SIR analysis evaluates the cleanliness and insulation resistance of your electronic assemblies, helping to identify potential risks of failure and ensure compliance with industry standards. ZESTRON's experienced team utilizes advanced testing methodologies and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver accurate and actionable results tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need routine testing or troubleshooting support, our SIR testing services empower you to optimize process control, enhance product quality, and minimize the risks of electrical failures. Partner with ZESTRON for SIR analysis and elevate the reliability and integrity of your electronic assemblies.

SIR Testing

ZESTRON’s SIR testing capability is offered to clients whose goal is to understand the impact of flux residues on the electrical reliability of a device, and who require an effective predictor of long-term failure mechanisms and service life reliability.

IPC-TM-650 Test Method testing is conducted in accordance with the latest IPC test method.

   The Benefits

SIR Services

  • Improved reliability and performance of electronic devices
  • Reduce field failures and warranty costs
  • Predict the long-term reliability of electronic products.

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