A crucial step in the manufacturing processVisual Inspection

A cost-effective and efficient way to identify defects, inconsistencies, and other issues that may affect the performance of the PCB.

easily & quick providing valuable insight Visual Inspection

Post solder flux residues remaining on electronic assembly surfaces can adversely affect their functional reliability as a result of electrochemical migration, dendritic growth and leakage current. Thus, it is critical to remove these residues in order to ensure the highest level of product reliability. One method of assessing substrate surface cleanliness is visual inspection analysis. This is a non-destructive cleanliness assessment method defined within IPC standards.

The Benefits

Visual Inspection

  • High resolution surface analysis with KEYENCE VHX digital microscope up to 1000x magnification
  • High quality images taken of PCBs and components
  • Comprehensive technical report with results analysis and recommendation

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