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PCB Cleaning - Step by Step to the right Cleaning Machine

You want to clean your assembled PCBs or PCBA? Your company is considering the procurement of a new cleaning system or a new cleaning process for electronic assemblies? What are the most important criteria when preparing this investment decision? In the workshop you will receive a comprehensive introduction to the most important technical and economic key points of the cleaning of electronic assemblies.

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Tue, 15.10.2024 , 10:00AM-12:30PM CET




Free of charge

Includes: individual checklist, Presentation, Recorded Presentation (Duration 6 weeks)



What you can expect

Are you also facing this challenge?

Your customer demands new cleanliness standards that your PCBAs do not yet meet? You want or need to clean your assembled PCBs in the future? Or do you need a new cleaning system?
Now you are thinking about installing a cleaning process in your production. But which cleaning system and which cleaning process fits best to your requirements?

Learn in our workshop what is important for the decision and find the optimal cleaning system - we will help you!

  • The basics: economic and technical background to component cleaning.

  • The 5 most important criteria: How to choose your cleaning process

  • The practical check: cleaning plants and systems in comparison

  • Your requirements: Together we work out your individual checklist

5 criteria for the selection of the cleaning process

1. Production throughput

  • Which equipment types for which production capacities?

  • (How) can the different processes be scaled and adapted to increasing throughputs?

  • What automation options are available for the different systems?

2. Equipment budget

  • What are the budgets for the different cleaning systems?

  • What are the running costs?

3. Space requirements and integration into production

  • Which cleaning systems require what space?

  • What infrastructure do the different processes require?

  • What possibilities are there for line integration (e.g. product carriers) and what adaptations can be made? Direct comparison of different systems.

4. Cleanliness requirements

  • What are the cleanliness requirements? Which standards are relevant and good guidelines?

  • How can good results with a solid process window be achieved in the long term?

  • How can the result be easily monitored in series production?

5. Automation possibilities

  • What automation possibilities are there for the flow of goods?

  • How can process monitoring be automated and what needs to be considered when integrating cleaning into the production line?


Transfer into practice

The practice check: 6 cleaning systems and processes for PCBA in comparison

  • Video demonstration of the systems

  • Advantages and disadvantages of different system types in the context of your requirements

  • Manufacturer-neutral comparison

Checklist: The right system for your needs

  • Together with our experts, you will develop your individual checklist for your investment project

  • Individually developed checklist: You can make your optimal decision step-by-step

  • Investment decision "cleaning": You now know what is important

  • Know-how for assembly cleaning: You know the basics

  • Comparison of cleaning systems: You know the different types and processes

Online Training

Uncomplicated participation
The intensive training is held via the Webex Meetings service. After your registration you will receive a registration confirmation as well as an invitation to the Webex meeting including time and access. To participate in the training session, simply click on the "Join Meeting" button. No download of the program is required.

The intensive training is planned for half a day. Sufficient breaks are always taken between the individual programme items. The detailed plan can be found in the programme linked above.


Our speaker

Simeon Fotta

Process Engineer, Application Technology


Stefan Kappes

Regional Sales Manager / Germany


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