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Reliability is our driver. We are committed to maintain the reliability of electronic assemblies with our expertise in cleaning solutions specifically tailored for high-end industries that prioritize the utmost cleanliness standards.

zestron South AsiaReliability is our Driver

The increasing complexity of electronics in various industries like e-mobility, renewable energies, communications, and medical technology presents significant challenges for electronic manufacturers. As these industries continue to advance, the demand for reliable and high-performance power and signal electronics becomes a priority.

In such, ZESTRON offers comprehensive cleaning process and support to electronics manufacturers in ensuring the reliability and performance of electronic components. We focus on the surface of power and signal electronics and specializes in areas such as flux removal, moisture resistance, insulation coordination, technical and ionic cleanliness, and sinterability.

We listen and support our customers attentively in different angles of challenges. Our fast response times, focus on solutions, innovative products, and confidentiality has made us a worldwide integrated leading provider of high precision cleaning products and services. Our ultimate goal is to find a reliable solution that meets our customer's needs and can be implemented economically in their operations.

As we believe both reliability and innovation are vital, we constantly incorporate findings from our own R&D, research projects, and working groups into our customer support and the development of new products and services. We also share our knowledge through training courses, webinars, white papers, and specialist conferences.

Ultimately, our commitment to reliability remains unwavering, regardless of the challenges the future of electronics may bring. Because, reliability is the driving force in every aspect of our work at ZESTRON.


8Technical centres, worldwide

2500+Customers, worldwide

3000+Installed cleaning processes

historyOur History, Inspiration and Mission for the Future

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ZESTRON started with ambitious goals in 1992, and since then, the company has achieved tremendous success, becoming the world market leader in high-precision cleaning. The establishment of the technical centre in Ingolstadt in 1994 and the launch of the first water-based cleaner, VIGON®, set the direction for innovation and technological advancement.

Over the years, ZESTRON expanded into new markets, establishing a presence in eight locations across three continents. The company's scope of activities has also evolved, going beyond precision cleaning to include comprehensive services such as consulting, analysis, and solution development for electronic surfaces. Knowledge transfer through training courses, workshops, and white papers has become an integral part of the company's philosophy.

This journey fills us with pride, but it also motivates us to continue our success story together in the future. ZESTRON remains committed to excellence and innovative progress, providing top-quality solutions and services to its customers.

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