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SMT electronics cleaning, power electronics and semiconductor cleaning, combined with an extensive globally available technical and analytical support - that’s ZESTRON.

zestron south asiaAbout ZESTRON

ZESTRON offers the world’s leading cleaning media, but more importantly focuses on being an architect for reliable cleaning processes within electronic and metal parts cleaning applications.

zestron xpertise We give you an insight into our expertise around the reliability of electronic assemblies.

We give you an insight into our expertise around the reliability of electronic assemblies.


Cleaners for the electronics industryThe right cleaning chemistry for almost every application

Cleaning solutions for SMT assemblies, power modules, stencils and maintenance

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machine test Center Compare Cleaning Machines

You have the opportunity to assess possible cleaning applications, equipment types and product technologies at our machine test center. We will help you determine your optimal cleaning process.

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Analytical Center Cleanliness Qualification & More – One Stop Shop

Learn about the numerous analytical methodologies used to qualify the surface cleanliness, material compatibility, and long-term reliability of your PCB.

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Maintenance and Repair Cleaning of Conformal Coatings
  • Date: 23.6.2023
  • Location: Webinar

Critical Cleaning Requirements to Overcome Advanced Packaging Defluxing Challenges

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White Residues on the electronic assembly

Causes and Solutions

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Impact of High Peak Reflow Temperature on Flux Removal of High Pb Solder Paste
  • Date: 8.9.2023
  • Location: Webinar

Batch instead of inline

System selection according to individual requirements

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Impact of high peak reflow temperature on flux removal of high Pb solder paste

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