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ZESTRON MACHINE TEST CENTREFind the right cleaning system for your requirement

With our machine test service, you can identify your specific requirements and explore various combinations of cleaning systems. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the best possible advice tailored to your specific situation.

SOLUTION-ORIENTEDThe safest way to an optimal cleaning system

Experience the exclusive concept offered only by ZESTRON: our globally unmatched machine test centre. This exceptional facility provides you with the opportunity to explore a wide range of cleaning processes in SMT, power electronics, and packages cleaning, as well as conducting cleaning tests, all within a single day.

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zestron machine test centreReliable Selection of Cleaning Systems

At our Technical Centre in Malaysia, we offer a wide array of cleaning systems from renowned international manufacturers, encompassing various sizes and price ranges. Our extensive selection covers all common cleaning processes, including immersion with pressure flooding, ultrasonic cleaning, and spray processes, available in both inline and batch systems.

One of the unique aspects of our service is that we provide you with the convenience of performing cleaning tests for your parts remotely, eliminating the need for you to be physically present at our facility.

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THE CUSTOMER IN FOCUS Your requirements & budget

Rest assured that our dedicated team is committed to providing you with a cleaning solution that not only meets your requirements but also optimizes your operations.

By leveraging our experience and expertise, we will work closely with you to deliver a cleaning process that achieves your desired outcomes within the parameters of your budget.

FIGURES, DATA, FACTSZESTRON Machine Test Centre in Figures

28Cleaning Machines

15Various manufacturers

300-400Tests per year

110-130Customer visits per year

YOUR ADVANTAGESExpert knowledge ensures reliable cleaning results

You can count on our machine tests in our in-house technical centre for the best cleaning results. Explore a wide selection of machines from renowned international manufacturers, encompassing various sizes and price ranges, to help you reliably find the optimal cleaning process.

The equipment selection is carefully tailored to meet your specific requirements, based on practical tests. Our completely neutral system test is conducted independently of any manufacturer obligations - at no cost to you.

Regardless of the process or type of cleaner you need or prefer, whether it's immersion, spray, rinsing, pH-neutral, alkaline, water-based, or flux-based, we will work closely with you through tests at our machine test centre until we find the perfect solution that meets your needs.

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