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System selection according to individual requirements.

Process development in the field of component cleaning is a long-term process that sometimes takes several years to build up. Not everything runs perfectly well at the beginning. However, at ZESTRON, we give our best in reacting to existing challenges and adapting things when we recognize potentials for improvement.

analysis Increased Risk by the Lack of Capacity Utilization

Case: A customer's original intention was to install an inline system for its cleaning process. However, our team of experts quickly realized that opting for an inline system would not have been the right choice - for several reasons. First, the quantities produced were simply too low and could never have been utilized to capacity.

Furthermore, the customer would have had to accept the risk of "total failure" with an inline system. This is because if the inline system is down, it will bring the entire cleaning process to a standstill.

© @The Sour Cherry Fotografie - Michaela Curtis
© @The Sour Cherry Fotografie - Michaela Curtis

Solution Reduced Operating Costs and Greater Flexibility with Batch Systems

Through expert advice and supplementary tests in our in-house technical centre, one finding has become increasingly clear. The right solution for the customer was the acquisition with several batch plants. The advantages were obvious: significant reduction in operating costs, compared to inline systems; a distribution of risk, since a simultaneous failure of several batch systems is very unlikely; and greater flexibility in the event of fluctuating order numbers.

In summary, the decision to opt for batch cleaning brings positive aspects for the customer - glad our team was able to assist the customer for a better decision.

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