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zestron we-care programmeQuick, Easy and Reliable Cleaning Process

Are you seeking professional electronic component cleaning services but lack experience in the field? Or perhaps you already have an existing process but aim to optimize its efficiency?

Look no further than ZESTRON! Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with a reliable and efficient cleaning process. With our swift and competent approach, we will tailor a solution specifically to your requirements.


SOLUTION-ORIENTEDWe master your cleaning challenges

Electronics have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, permeating every aspect, from automotive and aerospace systems to vital medical equipment. The reliability and longevity of flawlessly functioning electronics are paramount in these domains, making assembly cleaning a vital component.

Addressing individual cleaning challenges necessitates expertise at various levels. It entails not only selecting the appropriate cleaner, but also developing tailored processes and optimizing them for optimal outcomes.

Our well-versed team of experts assure outstanding performance and reliability from the comprehensive cleaning check conducted in our state-of-the-art machine test centre.

Process development with ZESTRONWe provide comprehensive support throughout your journey towards a tailored cleaning process.

From analysis to development and implementation, we stand by your side, providing guidance and support across all areas.

To ensure the optimal outcome, we begin by obtaining a comprehensive overview, assessing your initial needs and prerequisites, considering factors such as desired production throughput and lastly the available budget for implementation.

Thorough cleaning trials with your parts in our state-of-the-art Technical Centre will be executed for us to identify the ideal combination of system and cleaner for your unique process.

During the subsequent system acceptance test and final installation in your production facility, our ZESTRON experts are readily available to assist you. Even after the process is commissioned, you can rely on us. Our dedicated application engineers will ensure that your personnel or operators receive the necessary training, providing you with a long-term process guarantee for consistently excellent cleaning results.

THAT'S WHY ZESTRONAll advantages at a glance:

  • Complete service from a single source: A centrally responsible contact person

  • Process guarantee: Contractually guaranteed cleaning results

  • Fixed amount: No unexpected follow-up costs

  • Risk minimization: Written guarantee that costs and deadlines will be met

  • Expert advice: Experience from over 2000 installed processes worldwide


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PROCESS OPTIMISATION WITH ZESTRONTogether we optimise your cleaning process

Factors like transition to a new solder paste, introduction of a new product, or implementation of changes in your production process can impact the requirements for the cleaning process. To ensure that you consistently achieve the best cleaning results, we help in conducting process optimization in many cases.

At initial, comprehensive analysis will be prepared to understand your unique requirements and subsequently propose parameter to fine-tune for your new conditions. We address various aspects of the process like adjusting process times, modifying media concentration, and optimizing the temperature window to optimize its efficiency.

In addition to making adjustments, our engineers thoroughly examine the process peripherals, such as media filtration and surface purity in our in-house analytical laboratory to consistently provide an economically viable cleaning process.

Our engineers offer the expertise to identify the right solutions wherever necessary to maximize the efficiency of your process.


that's why ZestronYour advantages at a glance:

  • Detailed advice from your ZESTRON process engineer

  • Changeover or adaptation of the machine to the optimum parameters for you for the best possible cleaning results

  • Checking and optimization of system peripherals, e.g. media filtration for cost reduction

  • Written proof of surface cleanliness and thus process reliability for internal and external ISO audits


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machine-test-center Tests in ZESTRON Technical Centre

Get an overview of possible cleaning systems in just one day. Let us carry out various cleaning tests with you to find your optimal cleaning process.

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ANALYTICAL CENTRE On the safe side

Following the completion of your cleaning tests, we utilize the latest techniques and technologies to accurately evaluate the level of cleanliness achieved to assess the surface cleanliness of your assembly.

Our analysis methods are carefully selected to provide precise and reliable results.

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