Precision Cleaning for Assemblies

Find the right cleaning system and chemistry for your electronics cleaning at ZESTRON.


Optimal cleaning processes are crucial for maintaining the reliability of electronic assemblies - an inseparable expertise that ZESTRON prioritizes. Rest assured, we are committed to consistently delivering and guaranteeing this expertise to our esteemed customers.

How do we accomplish this? By dedicating ourselves to meticulous product development, implementing processes with absolute precision, and leveraging our extensive experience in problem analysis and solution development in the realm of 'reliability'.


our we-care-programme 1. Support in your Cleaning Process

From initial cleaning trials to commissioning and system maintenance, ZESTRON stands by your side, offering unwavering support in making crucial decisions. With our extensive product portfolio, we provide comprehensive solutions and develop the most suitable cleaning process specifically tailored to your needs.

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your requirements - your budget 2. Practical Trials in the Machine Test Centre

Comprehensive cleaning systems from renowned international manufacturers, available in various sizes and price classes, are available for your cleaning process testing purposes.

We are committed to delivering the optimal approach that aligns with your specific requirements under practical conditions during the machine test - completely free of charge.

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CLEANLINESS ANALYSIS FOR ASSEMBLIES 3. Cleaning Qualification and Bath Analysis from a Single Source

Our experienced team initiates the process by conducting a thorough analysis of risks, damages, and cause analysis and then interprets the results with precision and proficiency before developing concrete and actionable recommendations for suitable cleaning actions. 

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the optimal cleaning chemistry  4. Reliable Cleaning Chemistry

ZESTRON takes pride in offering cleaning solutions specifically tailored for high-end industries that prioritize the utmost cleanliness standards. Our extensive product range caters to the needs of both the SMT sector and the production of power electronics, ensuring we meet the diverse requirements of these industries.

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From the fieldWhite Residue on the Electronic Assembly

"White residues on the electronic assemblies" are a recurring problem for many of our customers. Check out our approach in resolving this problem.

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