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ZESTRON MACHINES TEST CENTREFind the Right Cleaning System for Your Requirement

Our machine test offer gives you the opportunity to identify your individual requirements and to try out different combinations of cleaning systems. We reliably guarantee you the best possible advice and accompany you safely to the selection of your ideal cleaning system.

SOLUTION-ORIENTEDThe Safest Way to the Optimal Cleaning System

Take advantage of ZESTRON's worldwide unique concept: Our machine test centre. Here we offer you the opportunity to get an overview of possible cleaning processes in SMT and power electronics & packages cleaning in just one day and to carry out cleaning tests at the same time.

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ZESTRON MACHINES TEST CENTRELarge Manufacturer-Neutral Selection

In our Technical Centre in Ingolstadt, a very large selection of cleaning systems from international manufacturers, sizes and price categories is available for you to test. These cover all common technologies: From immersion processes with pressure flooding to ultrasonic cleaning and spray processes in inline or batch systems. You also have the option of making your parts available to us for cleaning tests without having to be on site in person.

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- Your Budget

With their many years of experience in the field of plant technology and chemistry, our process engineers will find a customised cleaning process for you - specifically tailored to your requirements and budget.

NUMBERS, DATA, FACTSZESTRON Machine Test Centre in Figures

28Cleaning Systems

15Different Manufacturers

300-400Tests per Year

110-130Client Visits per Year

YOUR ADVANTAGESExpert Knowledge Ensures Reliable Cleaning Results

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Our machine tests in our in-house technical centre guarantee you the best cleaning results. Test the large selection of machines from different manufacturers, sizes and price classes and reliably find the optimal cleaning process.

The machine selection - which is geared to your individual requirements - is based on the practical test. This service is completely free of charge for you. We offer you a completely neutral system test - independent of any manufacturer obligations.

It does not matter which process or which type of cleaner you need or prefer. Whether immersion, spray or rinsing process, pH-neutral or alkaline cleaner, water- or solvent-based medium - together we test in the machine test centre until your perfect solution is found. Finally, a custom-fit process recommendation - consisting of a machine-cleaner combination - is made, which ensures you reliable results.

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