Insulation Coordination: Challenge in the Field of E-Mobility

More than Just Counting Particles - ZESTRON Supports with Tailored Risk Analysis

Insulation coordinationNew Challenges Require Innovative Solutions

The growing field of E-Mobility poses a complex task for manufacturers of power electronics. Developing reliable power electronics in the range of 400-500 V, and even future voltages of 800-1200 V, requires new approaches. Experiences with particle behavior and contamination at voltages up to 60 V can no longer be directly applied.

However, within the context of insulation coordination, it is still essential to ensure sufficient distances between conductive materials to prevent breakdowns. The so-called pollution degree is chosen for this purpose, describing the conductivity of contamination and the frequency of contact during operation. But how can this be achieved when past experiences are no longer sufficient?

insulation coordinationRisk Assessment as the Key

Meet OEM requirements and avoid failures of power electronics in the automotive sector. Utilize our expertise in the analysis and risk assessment of particles, ionic contaminants, and insulation materials. We assist you in conducting a comprehensive risk assessment to successfully address these challenges.

Learn more about the three pillars for optimizing the pollution degree and the reliability of your power electronics.

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01 | TECHNIcal cleanlinessUnderstanding Risks Rather Than Just Counting Particles

Because merely counting particles often does not provide insights into the risk, at ZESTRON, we rely on innovative breakdown voltage analysis to determine the failure risk, rather than solely relying on the particle count. Through breakdown voltage measurement, we can test the voltage resistance of particles up to 800 volts. Additionally, we analyze their material composition, allowing us to assess the electrical behavior of particles.


your benefits

  • Complete Solution​​​​
    With us, you receive not only measurement results but also tailored recommendations on how to avoid critical particles. All in one place!

  • Analyses at Early Stage
    We can provide meaningful results even before production starts. Just 2-3 representative assemblies manufactured on an existing production line are sufficient. This saves costs and enables optimal preparation.

  • Time Savings
    Our analysis results and recommendations are delivered within the agreed-upon timeframe. You no longer need to wait for statistically significant data from particle trap analysis.

  • Pollution Degree Selection
    Through our analysis, you gain valuable insights into particle behavior, providing a solid basis for selecting the appropriate pollution degree for your requirements.


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02 | Ionic contaminationTracking Leakage Current

Ionic contaminations can lead to leakage currents, especially in combination with moisture. To assess the effects of these contaminations on leakage current formation and dew formation, we use the method of ion chromatography. This method allows us to precisely determine the type and quantity of ionic contaminants.

Example of a chromatogram of anions and weak organic acids on the assembly surface as a result of ion chromatography.

Your benefits

  • Comprehensive Analyses
    By detecting ions, we can identify potential failure mechanisms.

  • Concrete Recommendations
    We not only assist with the analysis but also offer specific recommendations for improvement and problem resolution.

  • Efficient Resource Utilization
    Our tests require only 2-3 assemblies to achieve meaningful results.

  • Precise Test Results
    The results of our tests provide valuable insights into how well the coating protects against harmful environmental influences and whether it can meet the requirements of insulation coordination according to IEC 60664.


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03 | coatingReliable Protection Against Moisture

Our evaluation ensures the protective effect of coatings by ensuring they are free from bubbles, pores, or cracks. Reliable coating is crucial to effectively protect assemblies and components from harmful environmental influences like moisture. Our tests detect defects, edge defects, and assess effectiveness against corrosive gases and moisture.


The Coating Reliability Test reveals weaknesses in the coating - visible through the formation of air bubbles.

your benefit 

  • Quick Results
    Our coating tests provide reliable results within hours compared to traditional, time-consuming gas exposure tests that can take days.

  • Remedial Measures
    We offer concrete suggestions to avoid coating defects and enhance reliability.

  • Informative Test Results
    The results of our tests provide valuable insights into how well the coating protects against harmful environmental influences and whether it can meet the requirements of insulation coordination according to IEC 60664.


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our zestron promiseYour Competent Partner in the High-Voltage Field

  • Comprehensive analysis, data interpretation, and recommendations - all in one place
  • Receipt of robust results in the form of a written report, suitable for submission to the OEM
  • Expert team with years of experience in critical areas of Technical Cleanliness, Ionic Contaminants, and Coating for high-voltage and insulation coordination applications
  • No-obligation initial consultation and transparent quotation

Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation and receive tailored solutions for your high-voltage requirements.


Reliability is no accident

Our experts analyze and assess the risk of failure due to contamination (particles/ions) and verify the reliability of protective coatings. Together, we develop solutions for you and support you in selecting the pollution degree according to DIN EN 60664-1.


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insulation coordinationTechnologie Coaching Packages

Or book a tailored technology coaching package now, focusing on the three pillars of risk assessment and insulation coordination, and maximize the reliability of your power electronics.

Analysis of purity determination of electronic assemblies | © @The Sour Cherry Fotografie - Michaela Curtis

Risk Assessment of Particles on Electronic Assemblies

We check the safety of your assembly with regard to short circuits and impairment of insulation coordination triggered by conductive particles.

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Risk Assessment of Leakage Currents and Condensation

We determine the hygroscopicity and corrosivity of ionic impurities and thus the risk of leakage currents and condensation.

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Electronic assemblies Damage analysis Corrosion | © @The Sour Cherry Fotografie - Michaela Curtis

Conformal Coating: Validation and Routine Testing

The protective effect of the coating against electrochemical migration, leakage current and corrosion is verified by means of tests.

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