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Numerous experts from technical practice, industry and various research fields work for the ZESTRON Academy. All of them experts in their field - who will help you learn how to guarantee the highest reliability for your assemblies.

Surface cleanliness Zestron Schweigart | © @The Sour Cherry Fotografie - Michaela Curtis

Dr. Helmut Schweigart

Head of Reliability & Surfaces

Dr Helmut Schweigart earned his doctorate in the field of reliability of electronic assemblies and has been with ZESTRON Europe since the company's beginnings. He now heads the Reliability & Surfaces Team. He is also a board member of GfKORR (Society for Corrosion Protection) and an active member of GUS (Society for Environmental Simulation) and IPC.

Surface cleanliness Zestron Meier | © @The Sour Cherry Fotografie - Michaela Curtis

Dr. Markus Meier

Group Leader Reliability & Surfaces

Dr Markus Meier studied and obtained his doctorate in chemistry at the Technical University of Munich. He is an expert in the fields of interfacial chemistry and surface analysis. At ZESTRON Europe he works as a Senior Technology Analyst and is responsible for the coordination of research projects as well as for the organisation and implementation of technology coaching on the topics of failure analysis and risk assessment.

Surface cleanliness Zestron Gilbert | © @The Sour Cherry Fotografie - Michaela Curtis

Freddy Gilbert

Senior Technology Analyst

Freddy Gilbert studied materials science at the Polytechnic School of the University of Montpellier and the Technical University of Berlin for a Master of Engineering. In his position as Technology Analyst in the ZESTRON Reliability & Surfaces Team, he organises and conducts technology coaching on the topics of damage and surface analysis as well as risk assessment.

Surface cleanliness Zestron Eifert | © @The Sour Cherry Fotografie - Michaela Curtis

Christina Eifert

Technology Analyst

Christina Eifert holds a degree in Technical Chemistry and has been with ZESTRON Europe for several years. Since 2020, she has been part of the Academy and Reliability & Surfaces Team as a Technology Analyst. She conducts technology coaching on the topics of risk assessment and surface and failure analysis. In addition, she is responsible for the development of the Academy annual programme, the coordination of events, the acquisition of speakers as well as the continuous quality assurance of the trainings and the framework conditions.

Surface cleanliness Zestron Strixner | © @The Sour Cherry Fotografie - Michaela Curtis

Stefan Strixner

Technology Analyst

Stefan Strixner studied technical chemistry at the Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg. Since 1992 he has been working at ZESTRON Europe, Ingolstadt, with varying emphases. As Principal Engineer, he is responsible for setting up the technical and analytical centres worldwide.

He is also an expert in the field of failure causes, reliability and technical cleanliness of electronic assemblies. As part of his work in the ZESTRON Reliability & Surfaces Team, he organises and conducts technology coaching sessions on these topics.

Zestron Academy - networkOur external experts from industry and research

Nico Coenen
Plasmatreat GmbH
Global Business Development Manager Electronics Market

Markus Ellinger
CADiLAC Laser GmbH                  Head of work preparation

Manfred Götz
Rogers Corporation
Product Marketing Manager,
Power Electronics Solutions

Jens Gruse
Stannol GmbH & Co. KG    Product Manager HumiSeal & Application Technology Solder/Protective Coatings

Dominik Holzinger                Damage analyst
ACL GmbH - Analytical Chemical Laboratory

Harald Hundt                                          Head of Product Development Inductive Components
Vacuumschmelze GmbH & Co. KG

Andreas Karch
Indium Corporation of Europe
Technology – New Applications / Technical Manager DACH

Jens-Hendrik Klingel          Managing Director
Plastics-Chemical Products GmbH

Rüdiger Knofe                                            Siemens AG                                    Project manager in the field of electronics manufacturing

Anton Zoran Miric
Vice President Product Management
Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co, KG
GBU Heraeus Electronics, Material Solution House

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Richard Scherl Reliability Engineering Continental Automotive GmbH

Matthias Schmied                      Project Engineer

Stefan Schmitz                              Managing Director

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