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FAST Technology Product Group ATRON

This leads to significantly better surface wetting, which enables the cleaner to remove residues of lead-containing and lead-free NoClean solder pastes effectively and quickly. FAST® technology thus guarantees excellent cleaning performance, especially in spraying processes.

Due to the special formulation, FAST® surfactant cleaners require fewer active cleaning components to remove more residues compared to conventional surfactants.

Fast-Technology: Product Group ATRON | © ZESTRON

ATRON PRODUCT GROUPYour Advantages at a Glance

  • Longer bath life than conventional surfactant cleaners

  • Reduced cleaner consumption

  • Lower maintenance and overall costs

MPC Technology: Product Group VIGON | © ZESTRON

MPC Technology Product Group VIGON

MPC® stands for "Micro Phase Cleaning". It describes a water-based cleaning technology developed by ZESTRON. Aspects of this technology are internationally protected by patents.

The special feature of MPC® technology is that it combines the advantages of traditional solvents and surfactant cleaners, but without accepting their disadvantages.

Cleaners for the electronics cleaning & power electronics sector as well as MRO cleaners are based on MPC technology.

VIGON PRODUCT GROUPAdvantages of MPC® Technology - Electronics Cleaning

The high broadband capability is a characteristic of all MPC® cleaning media. Due to the combination of polar and non-polar components, a wide variety of organic and inorganic contaminants can be cleaned off.

Further advantages of MPC® cleaners

Water-based: no flash point

  • Very low VOC values: particularly environmentally compatible

  • very good filterability: high economic efficiency

  • surfactant-free: no surfactant residues on surfaces

  • Good material compatibility

  • Achieving very high surface tensions of over 50 mN/m


HYDRON® is an innovative cleaning technology developed by ZESTRON and stands for water-based, single-phase cleaning media. HYDRON® products are recommended for various cleaning applications, such as flux removal from assemblies, power electronics, packages and wafers or for stencil cleaning. The HYDRON® technology enables the complete removal of any contamination from the various surfaces.

Cleaner Technology Product Group HYDRON | © ZESTRON

HYDRON Product groupYour Advantages at a Glance

Single phase formulation

  • Stable, single phase emulsion, no phase separation

  • No agitation or mixing necessary to activate the cleaner

  • Very good cleaning performance

  • Binds contaminants only temporarily, therefore easy to filter

  • Long bath life and low costs

Single-phase processability

  • Very good cleaning and rinsing performance in cleaning systems with limited mixing

  • Stable concentrations between cleaning tank and cleaning chamber

  • Simple bath sampling, as the cleaner does not have to be mixed beforehand

  • Simple re-dosing of ready-mix possible

Very good rinsability

  • Complete removal of residues due to very good rinsability

  • Residue-free, homogeneously rinsed substrates when using HYDRON® cleaners in immersion processes for flux removal from assemblies and power electronics

  • Completely streak-free stencils when using HYDRON® cleaners for cleaning and rinsing in stencil cleaning processes

Product Group ZESTRON

The solvent cleaners from Zestron are modern systems formulated on the basis of modified alcohols.

Compared to simple alcohols such as IPA or acetone, they have a significantly improved cleaning performance and a noticeably higher bath loading capacity, which makes them particularly economical. Furthermore, ZESTRON cleaners have a significantly higher flash point, which makes them particularly safe for machine use.

This makes the ZESTRON product group ideally suited for flux removal from electronic assemblies, ceramic substrates, power modules and leadframes. The cleaners can also be used for solder paste and SMT adhesive removal from stencils or screens.

Basically, all ZESTRON cleaners are free of halogenated compounds, which makes them particularly environmentally friendly compared to halogenated alcohols such as 141B or trichloroethylene.

ZESTRON solvents can be used in either completely water-free or semi-aqueous cleaning processes. They are formulated to be completely surfactant-free, which makes the media very easy to rinse.


zestron Product groupYour Advantages at a Glance

  • Wide process window, therefore suitable for various cleaning applications in electronics

  • Very high bath loading capacity, thus enabling very long bath service lives

  • Based on halogen-free, organic solvents, therefore particularly environmentally friendly

  • Formulated without surfactants and therefore very easy to rinse

  • Safe use guaranteed by high flash point

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