Purity Analysis of Your Electronic Assemblies

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 We check your entire cleaning process using a wide variety of - optical, chemical or physical - test methods.

In addition, we provide you with comprehensive technical reports, including picture evidence, to ensure total transparency and traceability. And last but not least, we assess the possible consequences of residual contamination for you and recommend the appropriate optimisation measures.

PURITY ANALYSIS FROM A SINGLE SOURCEWe Analyse Exactly to the μm for You

Electronic assemblies Purity determination Surface cleanliness | © @The Sour Cherry Fotografie - Michaela Curtis

The functional reliability of electronic assemblies can be significantly impaired by impurities from the production process, e.g. flux or particles.

Using various analytical methods, we help you to prove the surface purity of your assemblies. However, our analytics go far beyond simply measuring and recording data. Our experienced experts also interpret the results for you and derive the right measures to solve existing problems or optimise your process.

Therefore zestronYour Advantages at a Glance


  • Proof of surface cleanliness/quality for internal and external ISO audits

  • Security for warranty claims from customers and suppliers

  • Verifiable cleanliness for statistical process control

  • Assurance of the coatability and bondability of your assemblies


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ANALYTICAL METHODSState-Of-The-Art Analytical Methods for Reliable Results

In order to guarantee our customers the highest level of reliability, ZESTRON has a whole range of state-of-the-art analytical methods and equipment at its disposal.

In addition to ionic contamination measurement for purity determination, by means of a contaminometer, we also have the option of ion chromatography for process validation and risk assessment.

Other available methods include, for example, the characterisation of organic residues on surfaces by means of FTIR spectroscopy, particle extraction and analysis according to VDA19 / ISO 16232 to ensure technical cleanliness, visual inspection by means of optical and digital microscopes as well as qualitative thermal analysis for the determination of anions, cations and weak organic acids.

Analytical method Analysis method Ion chromatography | © @The Sour Cherry Fotografie - Michaela Curtis

zestron analytikumThe Following Methods are Available for Purity Analysis


  • Ionic contamination measurement by contaminometer for purity determination

  • Ion chromatography for process validation and risk assessment

  • FTIR spectroscopy: spatially resolved characterisation of organic residues on surfaces and identification of materials and substances

  • Technical cleanliness: particle extraction and analysis according to VDA19 / ISO 16232

  • Visual inspection by optical (80x) and digital (up to 1000x) microscope

  • Qualitative thermal analysis for (qualitative and quantitative) determination of anions, cations and weak organic acids

  • Surface energy by contact angle measurement or ink test to determine bondability and coatability

  • Measurement of surface resistance for signal integrity

  • ZESTRON® Flux Test to detect flux residues to determine corrosion and leakage current hazards

  • ZESTRON® Resin Test for detection of resin residues to determine bondability and coatability

  • ZESTRON® Coating Layer Test  to detect defects in the protective coating of electronic assemblies

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Analytical cleanliness determination Bath monitoring | © @The Sour Cherry Fotografie - Michaela Curtis

BATH MONITORINGDurability and Efficiency

ZESTRON reliably ensures a consistently high bath quality of the cleaning process and thus optimal process reliability: Based on the bath samples you send us, we define individual monitoring parameters for you using standardised analysis procedures. This allows you to utilise the maximum bath life of the cleaner and thus reduce your process costs at the same time.

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  • Na-Free analyses of up to six bath samples with standardised ISO test procedures.

  • Technical reports with monitoring curve and intervention limit (see below)

  • Bath monitoring parameters specified for your application

  • Determination of solids content

  • pH value measurement (according to DIN 19268)

  • Conductivity measurement (according to DIN-EN 27888)

  • Concentration determination

  • Refractive index measurement (according to DIN 51423)

  • Optical inspection

For new installations of a process with ZESTRON products, we also guarantee a free service for bath analysis.

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