Water-based cleaning medium for manual cleaning of reflow ovens and wave solder systems


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Your Benefits VIGON® RC 303

The cleaning agent was specifically developed to remove all types of baked-on flux residues from reflow and wave solder equipment. It reliably removes re-condensed fluxes and emissions from assemblies. As the successor to VIGON® RC 101, VIGON® RC 303 delivers an improved cleaning performance with the same high level of operator safety.

  • More efficient cleaning process to avoid long machine downtimes
    Due to advanced formulation of this product, shorter soaking times are achieved. Moreover, it can be applied directly onto cold or warm surfaces (20 - 50 °C / 68 - 122 °F) and is also suitable for the pre-cleaning of condensation traps.
  • Higher cleaning quality and process reliability
    The medium does not contain any ingredients which could leave residues on the oven surfaces. This prevents harmful condensation on the assembly surfaces after restarts.
  • Manual and automatic cleaning
    The product can be used for manual cleaning of reflow ovens and wave solder equipment, as well as in automated cleaning devices of conveyor fingers in wave soldering systems.
  • Very good material compatibility
    Excellent material compatibility with aluminum and epoxy surfaces.
  • Mild formulation
    The low odor cleaning agent has no flash point and has therefore a high operator safety. It is particularly environmentally friendly and has no hazardous labeling.

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