Electronics Cleaning


Co-solvent used with HFE for water-free defluxing processes

ZESTRON® CO 150 is a solvent-based cleaning agent developed for the use in ultrasonic dip tank processes. ZESTRON® CO 150 can be used undiluted as a pre-cleaner or as a Co-solvent mixture in combination with a HFE-agent for defluxing electronic assemblies, power modules and leadframe-based discrete components.

Advantages compared to other cleaners:

  • Good cleaning results with lead-based and lead-free solder pastes
  • Increased wire bonding/molding quality for power modules and leadframe-based discrete components
  • Guarantees a stable cleaning process as it minimizes boiling retarding
  • Opens a broader concentration window for process controlling
  • Stabilizes the cooling zone and helps to minimize the HFE consumption
  • In combination with a HFE-process, ZESTRON® CO 150 enables a totally water-free cleaning process and fast residue-free drying
  • Low ionic contamination values can be achieved despite the water-free process

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