Stencil Cleaning


Cleaning medium for stencils and screens

ZESTRON® SD 100 is a solvent-based cleaning agent used to remove solder paste from SMT stencils in spray-in-air equipment. Misprinted assemblies can also be cleaned with ZESTRON® SD 100.

Advantages compared to other stencil cleaners:

  • High bath loading capability, excellent filterability and therefore a long bath life
  • This cleaner facilitates short process times due to superior drying characteristics
  • With a flash point of 42ºC / 108ºF, ZESTRON® SD 100 can be used in non-heated cleaning equipment without explosion protection
  • Can also be used for stencil underside wipe cleaning in printers
  • Based on non-halogen, organic solvents
  • Used at ambient temperature
  • This medium is also applicable for manual cleaning
  • Low odor

Alternative Products




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