SMT electronics cleaning, power electronics and semiconductor cleaning, combined with an extensive globally available technical and analytical support - that’s ZESTRON.

We offer a variety of water-based, semi-aqueous and solvent cleaners for printed circuit boards, power modules, semiconductor packages, flip chips, stencils, screens, solder pallets, reflow ovens, wave solder systems, squeegees and other tools to remove flux activator residues, resin residues and NoClean solder paste.

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Understanding and evaluating risks – avoiding damage and solving problems: Our Reliability & Surfaces Team supports you along the entire value chain of electronics manufacturing. We develop specific solutions for your individual application.

Take advantage of ZESTRON’s globally unique Machine Test Centers which offer you the opportunity to get an overview of all possible processes for cleaning SMT and power electronics as well as perform cleaning trials – all within one day.

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ZESTRON Products for Electronic Cleaning Processes

Assembly Cleaners

Assemblies / PCBAs

Defluxing / Cleaning products for PCB assemblies

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Cleaners for Power Electronics

Power Electronics

Defluxing products for Power Modules, DCBs, IGBTs, Leadframes and Power LEDs

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Maintenance Cleaners


Electronics cleaner for solder frames, condensations traps, reflow ovens, wave solder systems and tools.

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Process Control Products

Process control

Process optimisation products for a smooth production flow.

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Technical Articles and Papers

Discover our case studies, failure analyses and solution approaches in the field of electronics and electronic assemblies. Request your selected articles free of charge.

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Zestron Trainings

The ZESTRON Academy offers training and individual technology coaching about reliability of electronic assemblies. The focus is laid on failure analysis, risk assessment, surface analysis and qualification, cleanliness management and conformal coating as well as bonding processes.

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26th april // Training Online

Reliability Testing & Protection

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10th march // Webinar

Technical Cleanliness Concepts

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05th may // Training Online

Technical Cleanliness

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