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VIGON® N 600 – established on the market for more than ten years

The cleaning agent VIGON® N 600 removes a broad range of flux residues from electronic assemblies and has, due to its pH neutrality, a very good...

Promotion to Senior Process Engineer

ZESTRON Europe has promoted Mr. Martin Mattes to the role of Senior Process Engineer.

In this role, Mr. Mattes is responsible for overseeing the...

Water-based decoating of coating frames

ATRON® DC is the market’s first and only water-based decoater for conformal coating frames. Its unique formulation guarantees both a high level of...

Automated, Real-Time Concentration Measurement in Cleaning Processes

The ZESTRON® EYE is an automated alternative to manually measuring cleaner concentration in electronics cleaning applications. The precise, real-time...

SMT electronics cleaning, power electronics and semiconductor cleaning, combined with an extensive globally available technical and analytical support - that’s ZESTRON. We offer a variety of water-based, semi-aqueous and solvent cleaners for printed circuit boards, power modules, semiconductor packages, flip chips, stencils, screens, solder pallets, reflow ovens, wave solder systems, squeegees and other tools to remove flux activator residues, resin residues and NoClean solder paste.
To optimize and control the cleaning process, we offer different products for cleaning agent regeneration and recovery and wash bath monitoring.

Our team of process engineers will develop with you an optimal cleaning process comparing different cleaning machines types (ultrasonic, spray, dip-tank, batch or inline), chemicals, process parameters, your budget etc. for the best performance and cost-effective solution. Following the cleaning trials in our Technical Center, the cleanliness of the pcb or part will be analyzed according to international standards such as IPC, MIL or J-STD using a multitude of analytical test methods, such as visual inspection, ionic contamination testing, ion chromatography or FTIR spectroscopy.

Additionally, the ZESTRON Academy offers training and individual technology coaching about reliability of electronic assemblies. The focus is laid on failure analysis, risk assessment, surface analysis and qualification, cleanliness management and conformal coating as well as bonding processes.