Maximum humidity robustness for components

Understanding risks. Avoiding defects.

Do you have challenges with failing assemblies in the field? Your assembly is still in the design phase and you want to identify possible weak points?.

The ZESTRON Reliability & Surfaces team supports you along the entire value chain of electronics manufacturing. Our experts not only evaluate the risk of failure of assemblies and functional units preventively. They also analyse failures in validation tests and damage in the field, both with regard to the mechanism and the underlying causes. Based on this, specific solutions are developed.

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Cost Reduction for components

Risk Assessment

Additional methods for identifying weak points

Cost Reduction

Evaluation of reliability tests with regard to potential savings in processes and purchased parts

Protection of Production Launch

Proof of compliance with the specifications at the start of serial production

Failure Analysis

Development of sustainable, cost-optimized remedial measures

The earlier weak points are identified and eliminated in the assembly's production process and processes optimized, the lower the costs.

▶ Our Know-How. Your security.

Typical causes of failure for assemblies and functional units

We know the typical causes of failure for assemblies and functional units caused by moisture, contamination and particles. Their explicit identification is the key to remedial measures. Our experienced analytics team has processed more than 1000 cases and has the highest quality analytical equipment at its disposal. In this way, it quickly and flexibly conducts a detailed risk, failure as well as root cause analysis and develops corrective measures. Rely on our competence and experience.

Electrochemical Migration (ECM

  Electrochemical Migration (ECM)

Short circuits due to dendrites on the PBA surface when moisture condenses .

Water Treeing

 Water Treeing

Combination of AMP and partial discharge in micro-gaps and pores.

Parasitic Leakage Current

 Parasitic Leakage Current

Formation due to moisture on and in polymeric protection systems or at temperatures typically above 120°C.

Anodic MigrationPhenomenon

 Anodic MigrationPhenomenon (AMP)

ECM between layers after degradation of the layer bonding.

Insertion Loss

  Insertion Loss

Interference of the insulation resistance at switching frequencies typically from 100kHz through moisture or particles.

Thermal Incident

 Thermal Incident

Short curcuit caused by conductive particles.

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Specific, economically feasible recommendations for action in the system context.

Confidential and systematic approach – NDA if needed.

Close exchange with our experienced team

Analytics or system discussion – as required

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Learn more about failure mechanisms in connection with moisture on assemblies and functional units as well as the analysis technology to clearly determine the cause of failure. Or get to know our team of experts and network.