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Avoiding Recalls

In order to avoid expensive recalls, the highest quality standards for installed electronic assemblies must be maintained at all times in the automotive industry. Reliability in this area is a top priority, because at the end of the day it's all about people's safety.

Sudden problems are therefore not only annoying, they can also result in drastic measures such as complete delivery stoppages and recourse claims.

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problem Climate Stress Test Leads to Threat of Delivery Stoppage

A routine climatic stress test by a major automotive manufacturer revealed hidden defects in an electronic assembly. The complaint followed on its heels. The supplier was given a deadline to correct the anomalies. Otherwise, a delivery stop would be imposed.

The producer feared a lack of insulation of the assembly surface and demanded a significant improvement of the moisture resistance.

analysis Thermal Event as a Possible Source of Danger

In order to implement the desired improvements, the supplier turned to ZESTRON's R&S experts. They proved that the detected anomalies were in conformity with the supplier's specifications. However, this proof was not yet sufficient for the car manufacturer. On the contrary, he suspected a considerable risk of a so-called "thermal event" being triggered. A possible fire hazard of the vehicle could not be ruled out. 

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solution Standards Specialist as a Savior in an Emergency

The standards specialist assigned by ZESTRON was able to evaluate and intercept the risk of a possible "thermal event". He worked out new purchasing specifications for the electronic components (PCB) with regard to flame protection and dielectric strength.

Through these new specifications, the concerns of the car manufacturer regarding possible fire hazards could be eliminated. Production was thus able to continue without pause and without any delivery stops.

whitepaper-collectionProcedure for Estimating the Lifetime of a PCB under Humid Climate Exposure

In the future, the calculation methods for climatic assembly reliability may gain a similar importance for test time reduction and pre-optimisation as the methods for calculating thermal or mechanical reliability today.

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Autor: Dr. Helmut Schweigart

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Cleaning before Conformal Coating

The coating quality has to be impeccable in order to guarantee the long-term function of electronic assemblies. The assembly surface has to meet high cleanliness standards. This online training addresses what influences different production residues and dirt can have on the reliability of your coating and which directives and IPC standards are applicable for surface cleanliness. 

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