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Solutions from a single sourceMaximum Reliability for your Electronics

At ZESTRON, we are committed to ensuring that electronic components always function reliably, especially in safety-critical areas such as the automotive sector and medical technology. As a reliable partner, we provide comprehensive support to OEMs and electronics manufacturers in overcoming various challenges.

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive package that goes beyond the cleaning of electronic components. With our expertise and innovative strength, we deliver customized analytical solutions, including in the no-clean area, to optimize the performance and reliability of electronic systems. We rely on state-of-the-art technologies and support our customers in increasing efficiency, cost savings, and meeting stringent quality standards.

With ZESTRON, you have a strong partner by your side, offering extensive solutions to successfully meet the demands of the electronics industry.

specialists in power and signal technologyFocus on Surfaces

At ZESTRON, our focus is on the surfaces of power and signal electronics. We specialize in effective flux residue removal, ensuring moisture robustness, precise insulation coordination, technical and ionic cleanliness, and optimal solderability. With extensive analysis capabilities and expert advice, we provide tailored solutions to minimize the risk of failures.

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Product spectrum from a to zMore than just Cleaning

Our product portfolio is divided into two main areas. On one hand, we develop, manufacture, and globally distribute cleaning agents specifically designed for the requirements of power electronics and high-end SMT assemblies. These cleaning agents enable efficient removal of production residues from surfaces, such as flux residue. We offer comprehensive and neutral support to our customers in selecting the appropriate cleaning system and developing and implementing an effective cleaning process.

On the other hand, we provide our customers with comprehensive consulting services in the field of electronic assembly reliability. Thanks to our extensive experience in cross-industry failure analysis, our experts in the "Reliability & Services" field can assess the failure risks of assemblies and propose concrete remedial measures, often in the area of process control. In addition, we offer individual training sessions that incorporate our long-standing expertise.

Analysis & Services - What we offer

Our technical center with a wide range of cleaning systems from various manufacturers.

Our analytic center includes various devices for analysis, troubleshooting, and evaluation of cleaning results:

contamination on electronic assembliesPossible Causes

Contamination on printed circuit boards can result from a variety of sources. Throughout the manufacturing process, potential contaminants can be introduced at various steps, whether through dirt particles in the environment, residues from soldering processes, or contamination sources during transportation and storage.

  • Product Process
    During the production of electronic assemblies, contamination can occur from various sources, including particles in the air, protetive deposits on the production equipment, as well as residues from cleaning agents or other chemical substances.
  • Handling and Mounting
    During the installation process, contamination can occur when, for example, unclean tools are used, or fingerprints, sweat, or other substances are applied to the assemblies.
  • Environment
    The environment in which electronic assemblies are deployed can also lead to surface contamination. Dust, dirt, moisture, and chemical substances can enter the assemblies from the outside, potentially causing functional disruptions.
  • Storage and Transportation
    Inadequate packaging, improper storage, or transportation can lead to contamination as dirt, moisture, or chemical vapors can enter the packaging and reach the assemblies.
  • Aging and Abrasion
    Over the time or with indadequate coating, electronic assemblies can corrode, potentially leading to contamination. These contamination can be caused by chemical reactions, moisture, or the release of materials from the assemblies themselves.

ContactAlways the Right Point of Contact

Whether you need support with a cleaning process or are facing new challenges related to the reliability of your electronic assemblies, you will always find the right point of contact with us.