Electrochemical Migration / Corrosion

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whitepaper-collectionPreventing Electrochemical Migration (ECM) to Enhance Electronics Reliability


Electrochemical migration (ECM) is a phenomenon that can significantly affect the lifespan and reliable function of electronic assemblies, often causing field failures. ECM occurs when metal ions move across the circuit board under electrical voltage, potentially forming metallic bridges that can cause short circuits and lead to malfunctions or failures.

Our free technical articles and whitepapers on ECM provide comprehensive insights into the origins and behavior of this mechanism. They highlight the importance of selecting and implementing appropriate protective measures to prevent or reduce ECM, ultimately improving the lifespan and reliability of electronic assemblies.

Discover practical solutions to safeguard your electronics from ECM-related issues and ensure long-term performance and customer satisfaction.

whitepaper-collectionElectrochemical Migration / Corrosion

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