Ionic Contamination

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whitepaper-collectionControlling Ionic Contamination for Reliable Electronic Assemblies


Ionic contamination refers to the presence of ion residues on electronic assemblies, which can cause significant damage during production or operation. These electrically charged particles can land on components and lead to corrosion, particularly in humid environments, resulting in malfunctions or failures. Additionally, ions can form unwanted electrical connections by creating conductive paths between adjacent conductors or components.

Controlling ionic contamination is especially crucial in sensitive industries such as aerospace, medical technology, and telecommunications, where high reliability and longevity are essential.

Our selection of free technical articles provides comprehensive information on identifying ionic contamination and implementing effective measures to enhance the reliability of your assemblies.

Discover practical strategies and knowledgeable insights to optimize your production processes and ensure the longevity of your electronic assemblies.

whitepaper-collectionIonic Contamination

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