Automated real-time concentration measurement.

Elevate your electronics manufacturing process control with ZESTRON® EYE, our innovative monitoring and analytics platform. ZESTRON® EYE revolutionizes the way you manage your cleaning processes by providing real-time insights and predictive analytics. With its intuitive interface and advanced algorithms, ZESTRON® Eye enables you to monitor critical parameters, identify potential issues, and optimize cleaning performance with unprecedented precision. By leveraging ZESTRON® EYE, you can enhance productivity, reduce downtime, and ensure consistent quality in your manufacturing operations. Experience the power of proactive process control with ZESTRON® EYE and take your manufacturing efficiency to new heights.

Automatic Concentration Monitoring System

Automatic Concentration Monitoring System

The ZESTRON® EYE is a digital monitoring system that enables the precise measurement and control of the cleaning bath concentration for electronics cleaning processes in real time even in presence of dissolved contaminations.

The system consists of a liquid flow sensor and digital controller that are easily integrated within commonly used cleaning machine types from industry leading manufacturers. 





  • Precise and automatic concentration measurement for fresh and loaded cleaning baths
    Ensures a stable and reliable cleaning process
  • Real time cleaner concentration management
    Enables quick response to changes in wash bath concentration
  • Continuous data storage of monitored parameters
    Allows process traceability consistent with quality assurance programs
  • Digital touch screen controller
    Easy to use operator interface
  • Ability to integrate within the cleaning equipment control systemEnables automated dosing for wash bath concentration management


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