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Benefits of Cleaning 

Exceptional Compatibility

Sensitive metals and polymeric substances are safe with ZESTRON. Prevent failures related to discoloration, etching and corrosion caused by aggressive incompatible chemistries.

High Wire Bond Yield & Reliability

Contamination can lead to wire bond lifting, bond pad corrosion, cratering, peeling, and more. ZESTRON’s process solutions provide improved shear values and improved pull tests resulting in maximizing overall yield.

Improved Productivity

Using the ideal cleaning solution in an optimized process will increase productivity and reproducibility resulting in significant cost reductions.


Reduced VOCs result in environmentally friendly alternatives and a healthier work environment.


Water & Solvent Based Power Electronics Cleaning

ZESTRON offers aqueous and solvent-based process solutions for cleaning power electronics such as DCBs, IGBTs, discrete components on lead frames, and Power LEDs. These processes ensure optimal results are achieved when performing shear and power cycling tests and that the substrates are thoroughly cleaned before the subsequent bonding and molding processes.

  • Power Modules
    Power module cleaning for optimal bond quality 
  • Leadframes
    Cleaning of leadframe based, discrete components prior to bonding and molding processes
  • Power LEDs
    Power LED cleaning prior to wire bonding


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Water & Solvent Based Package Cleaning

ZESTRON offers water and solvent-based cleaning agents designed explicitly for packages such as flip chips, CMOS, and BGAs. These products are formulated for removing flux residues after pre-balling, i.e., the solder bump reflow process, from the tight spaces and capillaries between the chip and base materials. 

Our cleaning processes ensure that CMOS sensors are free of streaks and particles, guaranteeing flawless image resolution. With the complete removal of flux residues and particles, optimal wetting of the underfill materials can be guaranteed.

  • Flip Chips
    Flip chip cleaning prior to underfill
  • CMOS
    CMOS cleaning for optimal underfill conditions and residue free glass filters
  • BGAs
    BGA and micro BGA cleaning after the balling process


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Water & Solvent Based Wafer Cleaning

ZESTRON offers a wide range of cleaning solutions and systems for wafer cleaning, designed to remove a variety of contaminants from wafer surfaces  and significantly reducing carbon concentrations from 55% to 0.1% all without damaging the material. These solutions and systems help ensure the quality and reliability of semiconductor products produced from wafers.

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